69 Funny, Thoughtful, and Motivational Quotes about Welding

welder saying

I remember when I first started learning to weld, some of the things which kept me going through hard times were jokes, quotes, and sayings that were thrown around. They did not only keep me going when it got really tough, but they also made me feel cool, and that was really important especially to …

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Rocket Stove Made From Square Tubing – Tutorial

Rocket stove plan

I had a little bit of extra time on my hands after the holidays so I decided to do some welding. It has been a while and my workshop is not fully equipped to start working on a more serious project, so I thought a rocket stove would be an interesting challenge. Besides I’ve had …

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How to Wash Your Welding Gear (Ultimate Guide)

washing machine for work clothes

When I talk to people who have recently started in the world of welding I find one thing in common among all of them. Most of them will take good care of their welding equipment like electrodes and welders, but when it comes to taking care of their protective equipment, they slack a lot. But …

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Can I Have Tattoos or Wear Jewelry as a Welder?

tattoo, rings, beard, jewlery

Getting a tattoo in general can be a pretty daunting experience in itself. On top of this if you are thinking of getting involved in the welding industry it can be more of an important decision. Whether you already have a tattoo or a piercing or if you are thinking about getting one it is …

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Duty Cycle For Welders Explained

duty cycle precentages on welders

The world of welding can be a very confusing space for people who are just getting familiar with the basics. There are a lot of terms that look complicated and intimidating but in reality, they are fairly easy concepts to grasp. It is important in your welding journey for you to get familiar with all …

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23 Welder Brands & Manufacturers

6 most common welder brands in usa

If you are new to the world of welding, then choosing the right company will obviously be a tricky decision for you. A lot of people don’t really know which company is better than the other and the price is not always the correct measure to determine the quality of products they are offering. This …

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Welding Spatter – 11 Things You Should Know About it

Stick Welding spatter

Probably one of the most annoying things about welding for most people is the spatter which will form. It can be a huge nuisance which not only ruins the quality of the weld but also takes a lot of time to remove. As a new welder, it is very important to understand the reasons why …

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Read This Before Welding Leaf Springs

leaf springs funtional

When it comes to welding different materials there are some which are very easy to work on while others are not. As a new welder, it is very important to know the basics about welding different materials and what precautions you need to take while tackling new materials. Leaf spring is one of those materials …

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Welding in the Rain, and in Damp Conditions

wet railing to be welded

If you have just started your welding journey it can be pretty tempting to keep welding at all times of the day, it is during this time that welding in the rain might seem like the badass thing to do. But the reality can be quite dangerous, welding in the rain has a lot of …

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Grinding Down Welds: How To… and Should You?

angle grinder with flap disc

This is one of the most dividing topics among all the welders out there, whether to grind your welds or not? The truth is that there are some pros and cons of both sides of the argument and at the end of the day you have to decide what you want and need. The process …

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Welding Painted Metals

stick welding beams

if you have been playing with the idea of welding a beautiful piece of painted metal but you are not sure whether it would be a good idea or not? Well, this article is just the right read for you. I will go over all the basic points you need to know before you go …

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Welding Zinc-Plated Steel – All your need to know

zinc coated steel pipe

Have you heard from someone about issues related to welding zinc plated and galvanized metals? Even if you haven’t, the process is not the same as welding any normal metal. There are a few things that you should keep in mind if you are going to attempt welding on zinc plated metals. A lot of …

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Welding a Truck Frame – Everything you need to know

truck frame new

There are some dream projects for a lot of new welders that they have been looking forward to work on ever since they started welding. Welding a truck or a car frame is one of those for a lot of people. if you don’t know a lot about this topic this might seem like a …

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Can You Weld Magnets?

welding magnets picture

If “Can you weld magnets?” is a question you have been asking yourself and you have not been able to obtain an answer, you have come to the right place. I had the same question, so I did some research. So is it possible to weld magnets together?  Yes, it is possible to weld magnets. …

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Which flux core wire to choose – 0.030 vs 0.035

.035-vs-.030-flux cored

One of the questions that get thrown around a lot among beginner welders and hobbyists is what size wire to use for small home repairs and projects. The sizes under debate mainly are .030 and .035 – they both are a good option, but to give you a short answer, as a hobbyist, welding between …

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As an Artist, What Would be the Best Welding Method to Master?

welding sculpture

Welding provides us an excellent way to create unique things and bring things to life, which makes it perfect for us to be more creative. Whether you are a hobby welder trying to make money with practical jobs or you are an artist looking for a new way to express yourself, using welding to create …

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What Size Breaker Do I need for a 220 and 110 Volt Welder?

right size circuit breaker

The wiring for any device needs to accommodate its current requirements, and as you know welders draw huge amounts of current and need substantial wiring. Thus, you will need to understand the right size of the circuit breaker for the welder as well as the amount of amperage needed in order to operate a MIG …

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