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MIG stands for Metal Inert Gas Welding or as named by American Welding Society, Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), but not to overcomplicate things, many people just refer to it as wire welding.

Wire welding was invented in 40’s and fast-forward 70 years, the general principles are very much the same. GMAW uses a DC current to create an arc of electricity between the wire electrode and the metals being welded thus fusing them together.

Because the wire is continuously fed through the welding lead welders even refer to that as “hot glue gun”. As the previous reference indicates, wire welding is considered to be as easy as using a hot glue gun, which makes it the easiest welding method to learn as a beginner.

Although it is considered to be the easiest method to learn, there are still plenty of things you should know if you are planning to learn GMAW process, and this is the right place to start. In this section, you are going to find out most of the essential things you need to know, from the best welders on the market, how you should set up your MIG Welding machine to best practices on how to improve your weld quality like a professional.

mig welding what metals

What can you weld with MIG welder?

MIG welding is usually used in shops where the production of the same types of products is high and where ...
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what size mig welder

What size MIG welder do I need?

question of the day MIG welder is the main tool you need to fuse metal together. An important thing to ...
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strong mig weld on rusty surface

How strong is a MIG weld?

Welding has many positions to work in, but a nice trick to create a stronger weld is to marry metal ...
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mig welding right shade

What shade lens is suitable for MIG welding?

You can find various types of welding helmets in the market these days like auto darkening welding hoods or passive ...
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gmaw welder gasless

How to use a MIG welder without gas

If you have ever taken up welding as a hobby, you would know the level of creativity you can put ...
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best 120 volt mig welder

Why Everlast 140E is great 120 Volt MIG welder

Introduction: Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) is one of the most well-known welding methods and its subtype, known as Metal ...
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miller mulrimatic 215 vs milncoln 210 mp

Which one to choose? Power MIG 210 or multimatic 215?

Welding is a serious business. Even if you take it up as a hobby it requires time and attention to ...
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how to mig

How to weld with MIG/MAG?

One of the main attractions of MIG/MAG welding (Inert/Active Protective Gas Arc Welding, respectively) is the ease of learning. With ...
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ine welding wire

The Insiders Guide How to Choose the Right Filler Wire for GMAW Welding

Welding is a term used to describe the method of joining two pieces of metal. MIG welding is the name ...
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wire feed welding positions for nice beads

MIG Welding Techniques – How To Wire Feed Weld as a Beginner

Welding is a skill that only develops with a lot of practice and patience. If you are just taking up ...
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