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There is nothing like the feeling you get when you make your first perfect welding bead or finish a cool project, especially if the project turns out better than you would’ve expected.

If you can weld, and you have some basic metal working skills, you can make almost anything. Welding is becoming more and more popular among people and I think that this is one of the main reasons. It’s just amazing how creative you can be and how much money you can save if you know how to marry metal.

To be honest, just like any other skill, learning to bond metals will take some dedication and work before you start getting it, but everyone and I do mean everyone, can learn it, and that’s why I’m here. I’m going to share my own experience to make the learning curve as flat as possible, starting from the and basic questions about the process to best welders on the market and finishing with essential gear and tools.

Since joining metals is really an in-demand job in America, I decided to share my experience in that field with people through this blog. The main focus of my work is mostly to help out beginners, hobbyists and first-time welders sharing tips, tricks, guides, and my personal opinion before buying any equipment.

Obviously, I can’t cover everything, but even if you get 1% smarter after reading this blog it’s a win. Here You are going to find all kinds of information whether You are into MIG, TIG, or stick welding.

It may seem a little daunting to learn a new skill or start out as a beginner, but once you start getting things, it will all be worth it! If you are a complete beginner, I would suggest that you start from the newbie section.

lincoln 140 hd

The Lincoln Electric Weld Pak 140 HD Review

Introduction To begin with, I must say, this is a really decent wire-feed welder. The WeldPak 140 HD should be ...
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hobat 140 vs millermatic 141

Miller 141 vs Hobart Handler 140

The Miller Millermatic 141 is an improved release of the Millermatic 120V welder that was made with the aim that ...
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lincoln electric 140c welder

My take on Lincoln 140 C

Introduction Welding is the process where two or more materials are joined together by using a certain type of energy ...
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miller 211 vs miller 141

Millermatic 141 VS Millermatic 211

The Miller Millermatic 141 is an upgraded version of the 120V welder that was manufactured as an alternative of the ...
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lincoln mp 210

Lincoln 210 MP review

Introduction Are you in search of a welder that can do all types of jobs? In that case, you will ...
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weld pak 180 lincoln

Lincoln Electric Weld Pak 180HD Review

Introduction Welding is a very difficult craft to master as it requires patience, skill, and a lot of energy. Learning ...
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HObart 190 mig welder review

Why Hobart 190 is The Best MIG Welder for Welding Thin Sheet Metal

Anyone in search of a low budget welding machine option will know how difficult it is to find something that ...
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miller multimatic 215

7 Reasons Why Miller 215 is The Most Versatile Welder

In today’s fast and growing world everyone wants stuff that is versatile and offers several benefits at a reasonable price ...
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hobart 500559 first impression

Why Hobart Handler (500559) Is a Great Home welder

The Hobart line of welders needs no introduction. Amongst professional welders, the Hobart line has a very well-established reputation. For ...
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welding sculpture

As an Artist, What Would be the Best welding Method to Master?

Welding art Welding provides us an excellent way to create unique things and bring things to life, which makes it ...
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right size circuit breaker

What Size Breaker Do I need for a 220 and 110 Volt Welder?

Fuse The wiring for any device needs to accommodate its current requirements, and as you know welders draw huge amounts ...
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pipe weld groove

When And Why You Need To Bevel Your Base Metals

groove All welding machines have a limit in the material thickness that it can handle in a single pass. And ...
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undercuts in mig welding

How To Avoid Undercut In MIG Welding?

Defects are so common in any kind of manufacturing, including welding. In the process, there might be deviations in the ...
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history of mig welding

MIG Welding history – When Was MIG Welding Invented?

MIG welder is a must at most welding shops. It is one of the most famous methods today as it ...
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tack weld vs spot weld

Tack Weld vs Spot Weld – Which is used and when

There is a lot of confusion between the spot welding and tack welding. A lot of beginner welders are asking ...
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extension cord for welding

5 Extension Cords Suitable For Welding

Volts Amps length (ft) More details on Amazon VEVOR - Top Pick 250 30/50 25/50 Check Details Southwire 19178806 250 ...
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cool welding helmet

5 Badass Welding Hoods Every Welder Needs to Have

Why Welding Helmets are necessary? Welding helmets are necessary for professional welders as well as for hobbyists. If you are ...
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welding, brazing, soldering

Explained And Compared Brazing vs Soldering vs Welding

When it comes to joining metals, there are lots of methods that you can use like brazing, soldering, and welding ...
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nice penetration mig welding

Troubleshooting – MIG Welder Not Penetrating

For beginners, MIG welding is one of the most common welding processes. However, just like any other welding process, MIG ...
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welding helmet

How do auto-darkening welding helmets work?

Whether you’re a professional welder or not your safety should be your top priority. In fact, this is one of ...
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